Bed and Breakfast

Country living at its best!

The best thing about Knowsley is you don’t have to feel guilty about sleeping in or not doing anything – some holidays, that is the whole point.

Country Living at its best!

Kid Friendly

Let your kids get acquainted with nature by visiting the animals on the farm or feeding the baby lambs

Kid Friendly

Have a lekker braai, a bag of wood is provided

Enjoy the outdoor area by the pool with a beautiful boma and fireplace.

Outdoor area

Enjoy experiencing everyday farm life at Knowsley

Knowsley is situated on a stock farm in the scenic Winterberg Nature Conservancy of the Eastern Cape.

windmill sunset

The Farm

Guests at Knowsley particularly enjoy the lambing time and visiting the shearers in the big shed near to the farmhouse

farm lambing

Ideally suited for mountain bikers, trail runners, hikers or 4×4 enthusiasts

Fairview Farm offers 9 hiking trails, all with spectacular scenery.

hiking trails

Blesbuck trail

Hikers overlooking 2 very distinct flat top mountains, Mary and Martha, along the Blesbuck trail.

hikers, distinct mountains

Shearing and sorting sheep

Shearing and sorting sheep. Pieter throwing fleece & Julias the classer on left.

Sharing and sorting sheep

Make it an Extra Special Day!

Weddings are something we have had a bit of experience in, as we have 4 daughters, and have had weddings on Fairview Farm.